WE Coach: Breanna Sprik of BR Sporthorses

Breanna Sprik of BR Sporthorses

Breanna Sprik

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Ancram, NY


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Bree has been an avid rider for over 30 years and working as a professional for over 20. She achieved her USDF bronze and silver medals on her beloved draft cross, Dante. She competed him successfully through Intermediate in dressage, Level 6 in working equitation, and 4’ in show jumping. She also grew up riding western with a natural horsemanship foundation and has dabbled in eventing and foxhunting.

This broad background is what originally drew her toward the sport of working equitation. She is a USDF “L” graduate with distinction along with being a USAWE licensed coach and is a USAWE “L” (judging) program candidate. She regularly gives clinics around the northeast region in both dressage and working equitation.

Bree also owns a farm and runs a busy training and lesson business based in New York. She enjoys teaching her students to become their own horsemen/women, critical thinkers rather than lesson takers. It is a never ending learning journey and it will never be complete. She encourages her students to ride and show if that is what they wish to do but above all she wants to teach them to listen to their horse, appreciate the small victories, and develop a relationship and foundation to build on for their entire career together.

USA Working Equitation
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