2020 WE Consolidation Project

In the spring of 2020, the Boards of WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation began work to consolidate to a single WE organization for the United States.

As part of the process of working toward a single Working Equitation organization for the United States, the boards of both WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation have divided into work teams to analyze the programs and structures offered by the two organizations.

This is a multi-step process.

Consolidation Process

Step One: Members of both boards, as well as committee volunteers from both organizations divided into work teams, with each team focused on a different program/structure.

Italics indicate Chair

  • Awards

    • Kris Blacklock
    • Sarah Pinney
  • Competitions

    • Jeanne Bond
    • Heather Walters
    • Emily Kemp
  • Licensed officials

    • Doreen Atkinson
    • Polly Limond
    • Eleanor Thomas
    • Kat Waters
  • Membership

    • Olga Hendrickson
    • Tracey Erway
    • Eleanor Thomas
    • Chris Stanko
  • Coaches Network

    • Cindy Branham
    • Trisha Kiefer-Reed
    • Chris Stanko
    • Kat Waters
  • Ethics

    • Heather Walters
    • Cindy Branham
    • Doreen Atkinson
    • Jeanne Bond
    • Kat Waters
    • Leslie Martien
  • Governance

    • Barry Dornon
    • Karen Burch
    • Eleanor Thomas
    • Kiki Pantaze
    • Kristine Strasburger
  • Finance

    • Kim McBroom
    • Erin O’Shaughnessy
  • Website

    • Melanie O’Rorke
    • Kristine Strasburger
    • Julie Alonzo

Step Two: The work teams analyze the programs/structures of both organizations for similarities and differences and come up with a proposal for a unified program/structure and provided a written rationale for their recommendations.

Step Three: The boards of both organizations review the work team’s proposal and vote on sending it to members for their feedback.

Step Four: Members of both organizations will have a minimum of 5 days to review the proposals and provide commentary/feedback. To ensure that the work team members can follow up if they have any questions about suggestions/ feedback, we’re collecting email addresses in this process.

Step Five: Once member feedback has been received, the work teams review the feedback and modify as needed before sharing their final recommendations with the combined boards. Please remember that the documents we are sharing represent a work in progress, not the final proposals. That’s why your input is so important.

Step Six: The combined boards will vote on the revised proposal for each program/structure in a non-binding vote of support (the final binding resolution will come after all work teams have completed this process, to ensure that the proposed changes do not conflict with one another).

On August 26, 2020, the Boards of WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation formally voted to approve the merger.

Now that the basic structures and roles have been approved by the full Boards of Directors of both WE United and the Confederation, we will move into Phase 2, a focus on implementation.

During Phase 2, small work teams will create the various forms, policies, and procedures needed to move the new, consolidated organization from concept to reality. Each work team will be overseen by a lead — a member who has demonstrated their capacity to complete tasks by agreed-upon deadlines and has indicated that they will devote the time needed to accomplish their team’s work.

Phase 2 will be overseen by an expanded Merge Management Team with an equal number of representatives from both WE United and the Confederation for Working Equitation. During Phase 2, the Board of both organizations will be kept apprised of the progress the different work teams are making and given the opportunity to review and provide feedback on all materials created.

Phase 2 work will include: finalizing the Bylaws (with guidance from attorneys); filing all required paperwork with state and federal agencies to ensure 501(c)(3) status is maintained; creating all the necessary forms and infrastructure to track membership, horses, competitions, and awards; creating a new website.

The combined boards of WE United (WEU) and the Confederation for Working Equitation (CWE) unanimously voted to merge into one national organization and subsequently voted to select the name USA Working Equitation (USAWE) for the new national WE organization.

USAWE will hold elections in October to select the Executive Committee to consist of President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and two At Large Directors. Seven Regional Director positions will also be elected. (Regional Directors will be part of the full board.)

Only active individual adult members of either CWE or WEU will be eligible to run for an USAWE office. If you are not currently an individual member of CWE or WEU, become one so you can help shape the leadership of USAWE going forward.

Three important deadlines:

September 11, 2020: Last day to join either organization to run for an office.
September 25, 2020: Last day to join either organization to make a nomination for an office.
October 9, 2020: Last day to join either organization to receive a ballot to vote in this election.

The adult membership fee for joining either organization currently is only $25.
WE United Membership
Confederation Membership

If your email with your organization (either WEU or CWE) is not correct, please contact the organization and provide an update so you will receive a ballot on October 16, 2020.

The merger will be complete once the people elected to the new Board take office in November, 2020.

Approved Proposals
Awards - Finalized July 1, 2020
Coaches Network - Finalized July 29, 2020
Coaches Network - Member Responses
Competitions - Finalized June 17, 2020
Ethics - Finalized August 26, 2020
Governance - Finalized August 26, 2020
Licensed Officials - Finalized August 12, 2020
Membership - Finalized August 12, 2020

Election Information

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303


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