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Program Requirements

All USAWE Coaches must be current USAWE members in good standing, officially residing in the United States (out of respect for other countries’ national WE organizations, the USAWE Coaches Network is limited to those who live in the U.S.). An inquiry to the ethics committee will be part of the application review.

  1. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older at the time they apply.
  2. Proof of current professional equestrian insurance policy and release of liability form, required.
  3. Records of a minimum of 5 years training or instructing experience.
  4.  Records of a minimum of 3 years practical working equitation experience to include: instruction, coaching, training, or competing.
  5. Documentation of having passed an open book WE rules test for WE Coaches with a score of 90% or higher.
  6.  Signed WE Coaches agreement.
  7. One recommendation from a Working Equitation “R” or “S” Judge using the committee’s official Confidential Google Form. All recommendations must be submitted directly to the committee by the recommendation writer.
  8. Two client letters of recommendation using the committee’s official Confidential Google Form. All recommendations must be submitted directly to the committee by the recommendation writer.
  9. Recommendations from two equestrian professional using the official Confidential Google Form. All recommendations must be submitted directly to the committee by the recommendation writer. Examples of people who will meet the definition of “equestrian professional” include but are not limited to: a clinic host, a peer, an equine veterinarian, a farrier, a farm manager, an official licensed with an equestrian organization, a show manager, etc.
  10. Within the four preceding years the applicant must fulfill TWO of the following THREE requirements: 
    1. Evidence of having earned averaged Dressage & EOH scores of 60% or higher at Novice A level or higher from at least two separate licensed competitions from which the applicant did not DQ from any trial, from at least two different “R” or “S” judges on horses that have been in WE training with applicant for at least 60 days prior to competition date (applicant-owned horse qualify).
    2. Be present for all trials of two licensed working equitation shows in any of the following capacities: Scribe, TD, or Shadow-Judge.
    3. Present a certificate of attendance from an official USAWE recognized Licensed Officials Seminar.

Applicants will be sent an invoice through PayPal and applications will be reviewed after the $150 application fee and all application materials have been received.

Renewal Plan

WE Coach recognition is valid for two years.

Proof of USAWE membership and insurance will need to be provided ANNUALLY.

To renew, a member of the WE Coaches Network will submit documentation of having completed a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education, two positive evaluations, and a renewal fee. The renewal fee will be $75 (half the current application fee).

The application for renewal, with documentation of having fulfilled the continuing education requirements, may be submitted at any time within the two-year membership.

Activities that qualify for continuing education credit hours (may use any combination):

  1. On -Ground Licensed Competitions experience serving as scribe, Technical Delegate or shadow judging.
  2. Ride in or audit a clinic with a USAWE “R”, “S” or  WAWE judge.
  3. Attend an approved USAWE Licensed Officials Seminar.
  4. Compete in a licensed working equitation competition (each competition will count for 4 hours of CE credit, up to a total of 8 hours of CE credit for this type of activity).


Coaches Network FAQ

If I have already passed the USAWE Rules Test within the last 12 months, will I have to take another test?

No, simply send in your test certificate with your application.

If I have not yet taken a USAWE Rules Test, what do I need to do to access it?

The next testing window for coaches will be April 8 – May 7, 2023. Please email and Cc during this timeframe to request access to the online WE Rules test for Coaches.

How much does it cost to apply to be a Coach?

The application fee is $150, due at time of submission. If approved, this application fee includes the first two years of Network Membership. Each subsequent 2-year renewal fee will be $75.

Do I need to meet the program requirements prior to applying?

Yes, all requirements should be met and documented in the application. If the applicant needs to take the USAWE Rules Test, the test will be administered upon submission of a complete application.

Will being a USAWE Licensed Official help me qualify for becoming a Coach?

Yes, there are a few requirements for licensed officials that can be used in applying to be a Coach:

  • Passing the current USAWE Rules Test for Licensed Officials will apply to your application.
  • Officiating qualifies for the application’s Section 4 requirement: Practical Working Equitation Experience.
  • Attending a recognized Licensed Officials Seminar meets the application’s Section 5.3 requirements, and is required for USAWE Licensed Official Continuing Education.
  • Acting as a Scribe, Technical Delegate or Shadow-Judging can all fulfill the application’s Section 5.4 requirements, and can be used for a Licensed Official’s required Continuing Education and/or license advancement applications.

The Coaches Network is looking to highlight competition experience outside the judge’s booth and therefore does not recognize solely officiating as a judge to fulfill Section 5.4.

Once I have submitted my application, what is the timeframe for approval?

The Coaches Network Committee reviews applications on an ongoing basis as they are received. Fully complete applications received before June 1st will be reviewed and a decision reached by July 1st at the latest. Fully complete applications received after June 1st but before December 1st will be reviewed and a decision reached by January 1st at the latest.  

The requirements ask for a minimum of five years training and/or instructing experience and three years practical Working Equitation experience. Does it need to be consecutive years?

Yes, the Section 3 requirements must show training and/or instructing experience in the five consecutive years prior to application submission. Section 4 must show practical Working Equitation experience in the three consecutive years prior to application submission. 

How do I document my training, instructing, and Working Equitation experience?

Detail your experience for the required years in the tables provided on the application, similar to a resume.


For additional assistance please email

Example Coaches Network Application

The following example application is provided to help those considering applying to the Coaches Network better understand what the application should include.

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