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USAWE provides a calendar to help people interested in Working Equitation find events. To go to our calendar, use the “Go to our Event Calendar” button below or the “Calendar” dropdown link under “Event Info“.

If you are a USAWE show/event organizer, Affiliate Organization, or current member using a USAWE licensed official, WE Coach, WAWE official or LOC approved clinician, please click on the “Request to ADD Event link.  Let us know if you are organizing a clinic, playday, schooling show or any other event our members might be interested in and we’ll add the events as they come in.

Licensed shows are added by the Competitions Committee after a Competition Licensing Request Form has been reviewed and approved.  Please submit a Competition Licensing Request Form located on the Competitions > Competition Resources page.

A list of USAWE licensed competitions is available on the Competitions > List of  Licensed Competitions and posted by the Competitions Committee after approving the Competition Licensing Request (request form is available on the Competitions > Competition Resources)

You can request an event to be added to our WE calendar by clicking on the button below.

If you submit an event, please also consider sending one photo we can use with your event posting. Send the photo to info@usawe.org

Current Upcoming Events

Conveniently scroll through the six most current upcoming WE and WE related equine events.

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