Zone Championships

USAWE Championships may be held in each of the following U.S. zones:


Western Zone

Regions 1 and 2

Central Zone

Regions 3, 4, and 5

Eastern Zone

Regions 6 and 7

How to Qualify

How does a horse-rider pair qualify to compete in a zone championship show?

To be eligible to compete, a horse-rider pair must earn a combined average of 58% or higher in Dressage and EOH (L1-L7) and successfully complete the Speed trial (L2-L7) at a minimum of two licensed shows within a specific performance level.  At least one of the scores must be earned during the current competition year. For 2023, the second score may be earned in the current competition year or may be carried over from the immediate previous competition year.  Both scores must be earned within the specific performance level.   If the Horse-Rider pair has moved up a performance level, two qualifying scores must be earned at that new performance level. If the Horse-Rider pair haven’t yet earned their two qualifying scores at the higher level, they remain eligible to compete at the lower level in the championship shows.  Click here for qualifying scenarios.

Horse-rider pairs may compete in any or all zone championships, regardless of where the qualifying scores are achieved.

Youth Scholarship

CLICK HERE for information on a Youth Scholarship available to provide financial support to those youth (17 years and under) who might not be able to afford to participate in a Zone Championship.

Qualified Scores

The table below is used to track Horse-Rider pairs as they earn their scores and qualify to compete at the Zone Championships.

Names that appear in Bold Blue font indicate that the rider/horse team has qualified to compete in the 2023 Zone Championships at the level displayed.

Please Note: Results from each show are typically posted within 2 weeks of final receipt of all forms, fees, and results from the show, which means they can take a month or more from the show date itself. If you do not see a  qualified score you believe should be listed or see a mistake in a recording, please contact the Results Coordinator (

Zone Championship Shows


October 4-8, 2023
Big Sky Horse Park – Missoula, MT

Western Zone Championship
& Rated Show
Cattle Trial

Questions?  Email for more information.


September 28- October 2, 2023
Elkhorn Equestrian Center – Elkhorn, WI

Central Zone Championship
& Rated Show
Cattle Trial

Questions?  Email for more information.


September 21-24, 2023
Diamond 7 Ranch and Arena – Dillsburg, PA

Eastern Zone Championship
& Rated Show
Cattle Trial

Questions?  Email for more information.  

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