Committee Reports: December 2022

Horse Recordings Committee

Horse Recording Fun Facts

Did you know?  There are 3,246 total USAWE Horse Recordings (as of 12/10/22); of which, the Top 5 Breeds recorded are:  Grade (1,147), Quarter Horse (446), Andalusian (235), Lusitano (213) and Paint (121).  How many horses were recorded in Nov?  15!


USAWE offers Lifetime Horse Recording for your equine athlete(s).

All horses competing in any USAWE recognized competitions must be recorded with USAWE.  The recording fee is $20 and is valid for the LIFETIME of the horse. Before submitting a new registration for your horse, check here to make sure the horse doesn’t already have a USAWE number!

Horse recordings are transferable upon the sale of the horse at no charge; simply click here to notify us of the transfer ownership.  Also use this link to notify us if your equine partner is retired or deceased.

Certain breed awards (i.e., APHA, AQHA, BLM, IALHA, RMHA, etc.) require breed registry; however, a horse does not have to be registered with a breed registry to be recorded with USAWE. If your horse is registered with a breed registry, please ensure we have accurate breed registry number, pedigree, breeder and horse owner information on file. 

Click here to see the list of High Point Breed Awards offered.  Don’t see your breed listed?  Annual breed award sponsorship is just $40.  Contact the Awards Committee at to sponsor breed award(s).

By: Mindy Finelli, Horse Recordings Committee Chair

Awards Committee

Historical results are being updated on the website as we speak, and a majority of shows are now utilizing the system.

End of year results will be processed when all December shows are marked completed, we are hoping to get that started early January.

Updated Breed Sponsorships

KarMike Acres is sponsoring our Draft/Draft Cross breed sponsorship. Horse must be registered with USAWE as a Draft or Draft Cross, registration is not necessary.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society is sponsoring our Gypsy Vanner’s. Horse must be registered with eh GVHS and the Owner must be a GVHS member.


By: Awards Committee Members

Competitions Committee

December 2022 Competitions Committee Updates:

 This month, two new members were appointed to our Competitions Committee:  Julie Alonzo, R1 member and Emily Callihan, R1 member.  Both are going to be excellent additions to our team here, Welcome Aboard!

Zone Championships:

2022:  The 2022 Western Zone Championship just wrapped up in Scottsdale, AZ.  Congratulations to all of the participants, show staff, volunteers and licensed officials on a successful event!

2023:  The 2023 Western Zone Championship will be held October 6-9 in Missoula, MT.  The 2023 Central Zone Championship will be held September 28 – October 2 in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  More details on both will be coming over the next several months.  To date, we have not received bids for Eastern Zone and will remain open.  Bid requirements can be found here.

2023 License Requests:

The 2023 Competition Licensing Request Form is available for use and can be found here.  Please note: Cattle Trials no longer require a separate license request form. 

2023 Competitions Manual:

The Competitions Committee is currently in the process of updating the Competitions Manual based on the updated USAWE rules for 2023.  This will be updated on the website before year end. 

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season, Cheers to 2023!


By: Competitions Committee Members

Affiliate Organizations Committee

USAWE Affiliate Organizations are local groups and individuals who are taking active steps to promote the sport of Working Equitation at the local level, and have committed to adhering to the standards and ethics of our national organization.  These people and groups are essential for the growth of Working Equitation in the US.  They are grateful for your support.  As USAWE members you are working together with the AOs to create a strong and positive environment for the growth of Working Equitation across our country.  Thank you, all USAWE members, for supporting your local Affiliate Organizations!

USAWE is finishing 2022 with 43 Affiliate Organizations.  Check out their listings here:

Beginning with the January 2023 e-news edition we will be announcing new AOs in the newsletters as they are added to our website.  We already have several new AOs waiting in the wings for 2023!

If you are interested in the USAWE AO program, please contact me directly.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Kristine Strasburger
USAWE Affiliate Organization Program Coordinator
(208) 818-0400 (Central time zone)


By: Kristine Strasburger, Affiliate Organizations Committee Chair

Youth Committee

The 2022 USAWE Western Zone Championship show is a wrap! The Championships were held at  WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ  on December 8-11.

Four Youth Riders showed in levels from Introductory to Novice B at the championships. Two additional youth riders also participated in the open show held concurrent with the championships.

Here are the Youth Championship results:

Introductory Champion: Paityn Stedman and JC Mariana
Novice A Champion: Ania Heilman and Charlie
Novice B Champion: Jillienne Endresen and Smokey

This was the inaugural year of the “Zone” format and we are all excited to see what 2023 brings for youth competitors in Working Equitation.


By: Alex Tyson, Youth Committee Chair

Youth Competitor Indra Lanners and Skip Raggedy Ann

Coaches Network

Coaches In Your Region

Region 1
Trisha Kiefer-Reed of Wolf Creek, MT

Region 2
Ashley Bowers of Cave Creek, AZ
Tessa Nicolet of Payson, AZ
Jessica Mosbaugh of Fiddletown, CA
Polly Limond of San Diego, CA
Sue Watkins of Riverside, CA

Region 3
Chris Stanko of Niwot, CO

Region 5
Emily Kemp of Newton, WI
Michelle Lackey of Medina, OH
Erica Peet of Wonder Lake, IL

Region 6
Bree Sprik of Ancramdale, NY
Holly Linz of Woodbine, MD
Stephanie Hayes of Johnson, VT

To learn more about our coaches or how to become a coach visit:

Get To Know A Recognized USAWE Coach

Tessa Nicolet – Payson AZ

What inspires you to be a Working Equitation Coach?
Working Equitation brings all the qualities of good horsemanship into one sport.  It’s a great way to build partnerships between equines and humans… and that is my passion!

What is your favorite obstacle? Why?
Rounding Posts – This obstacle includes all 4 basics for all movements… forward, moving the front, the hind, and backing… it also requires immobility and precision. 

What’s your best tip for competitors heading into the show ring?
Have FUN!  and breath… 🙂 – But also do what is best for you and your horse at that moment.

What’s your favorite trick for remembering WE courses?
I draw them… and I use visualization a lot.  I’ll spend a few quiet minutes picturing myself riding the course. 

Your all time favorite WE horse?
One of my students has an awesome Mule – Pepsi… Can’t help but love her!

What would your students say is your catchphrase?
Have an amazing ride! 

What non-equestrian activities do you love to do?
I love to travel and experience different cultures and food.  I also just love being out in nature (usually horseback). I love to hike and camp. 

Thanks for the great information, Tessa! Learn more about Tessa and all our coaches at:

Check back next month to learn about our next featured coach from our diverse network!

By: Coaches Network Committee Members

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303


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