Committee Reports: July 2022

Rules Committee

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Ellis Oldenboom on Flying Cloud Clipper owned by Adrienne Raymond

At the time of riding the cross nations cup is not complete, but youth rider Izzy Logan-Young and Turbo Zip “Red” were second in the cattle trial with a time of 1.42.93. Photo credit Yin Changi

Youth Development Committee

Reporting from the Cross Nations cup in Missoula Montana!

While not a USAWE liscenced competition, our organization’s rules are being followed, carded judges hired, and the organization promoted both here in Montana and abroad. There are participants from  Australia, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands! Here at the cup we have about 130 participants, 10 of which are youth riders competing. There is also a special class of four very young riders, who were originally going to do a lead line class but many improved their skills so much during the camp section of the event prior to the competition that they now have their own modified class! This modified class idea is one that the youth committee approves of and  encourages show organized to promote. While not a rated class at any show, it’s easier design gives the kids a way to get started in working equitation, and get excited about improving and working towards the Introductory level!

An exciting entry here at the cup is a teen rider from the Netherlands, Ellis Oldenboom, who came over especially to do the cup on a loaned horse. Ellis is active in Working Equitation at home in the Netherlands, and was even able to compete in the Young rider European championships. This is Ellis’s first time to the USA and she is having an awesome time meeting other youth riders and enjoying the sport of WE here in the states.

Working equitation is an awesome way to expand your horizons both in horsemanship, sport, and in the people that you can meet from all over the world who share a passion for horses and good horsemanship. The sky is the limit!


By Alex Tyson, Youth Development Committee

Coaches Network

Coaches in your region

Region 1
Trisha Kiefer-Reed of Wolf Creek, MT

Region 2
Ashley Bowers of Cave Creek, AZ
Polly Limond of San Diego, CA
Sue Watkins of Riverside, CA

Region 3
Chris Stanko of Niwot, CO

Region 5
Emily Kemp of Newton, WI
Michelle Lackey of Medina, OH
Erica Peet of Wonder Lake, IL

Region 6
Bree Sprik of Ancramdale, NY
Holly Linz of Woodbine, MD
Stephanie Hayes of Johnson, VT

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Get to know a recognized USAWE Coach

Trisha Kiefer-Reed of Wolf Creek, MT

What inspires you to be a Working Equitation coach?
The combination of fine horsemanship with limitless opportunity to improve. The versatility within the sport and the internet challenges keeps learning fun and interesting for both human and horse.”

What is your favorite obstacle? Why?
The double slalom. Because combining geometry, rhythm, bend and balance is so darn challenging, when I actually get it right, it is quite satisfying!”

What is your best tip for competitors heading into the show ring?
BREATHE! This is supposed to be fun for you and your horse. This is a great opportunity to get feedback that will help your training program. And don’t sweat it, everyone is cheering for your success!”

What is your favorite trick for remembering WE courses?
I break the sequence up in 3’s. I’ll lock in 1-3 before adding the next 3. I also make up a little song or story I can recite while on course.”

Your all time favorite WE horse?
Famous – the late Oxidado (ridden by Pedro Torres)
Personal – Highly Prescribed aka “Pumbaa”, my feisty little Appaloosa partner.”

What would your students say is your catchphrase?
Relax your armpits! (Yeah, I know…pretty glamorous, right?)”

What non-equestrian activities do you love to do?
Downhill skiing, hiking, motorcycle riding”

Thanks for the great information, Trisha! Learn more about Trisha and all our coaches at:

Check back next month to learn about our next featured coach from our diverse network!

By: Coaches Network Committee

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