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Linda Frazier


Linda Frazier
I have ridden for almost 30 years, competing and showing horses. Over the years, I have shown in dressage, jumping, western pleasure, trail, ranch horse classes, cutting, reining, cowboy mounted shooting and extreme cowboy racing.They were all fun but something was always missing. Then in 2017, Cindy Branham introduced me to Working Equitation. I had finally found a sport that included horsemanship, constant challenges and the adrenal rush. Dressage has taught me how to ride movements I never thought possible with my horse. The Obstacles keep me from getting bored and show me exactly which maneuvers I need to work on. Going fast is not my favorite thing, but during the Speed Trial, I forget all about that and have so much fun. I compete with two horses: Starlights Express at Level 4 and Star Lights Red Cat at Level 3.

In September, I am hosting the Working Eq. show at the Kansas State Fair for the second time. Working Equitation was totally unknown here in my area. My goal is to change that. Last week, I hosted a free clinic and play day introducing Working Equitation. Everyone that came was blown away about how much fun they had learning this sport. During this clinic it became apparent that understanding Dressage is essential.

My skill set has grown more in the past five years than in all of the other 30. But, I would say the friendships I have developed are a big factor in my love of the sport.

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