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We are pleased to offer USAWE members a 33% discount on an annual subscription to a wealth of online instructional videos featuring Pedro Torres, World Champion working equitation trainer, competitor, and coach as well as renowned instructors from a variety of disciplines (Dressage, In-Hand, Driving, Eventing, Jumping, and more!).

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Working Equitation from Intro to Show

Are you new to Working Equitation or want to advance to the next level? This all-in-one program contains lessons on Dressage, Obstacles and Beyond the Basics (those missing elements that are holding you back). Each of these sections is also available as a separate course so you can get started on what you need. These courses include access to a private community where you can get your questions answered and even submit videos for recommendations.

Too much good stuff to list here; check it out.

Do It Yourself
Working Equitation

These exercises provide an incredible addition to your training toolkit if you’re just starting out, or don’t have access to a coach or a bunch of equipment. They are designed to fit into small spaces. the 75+ videos show common errors that affect your horse’s performance so you can learn to assess your horse. Perfect for fine-tuning your skills when it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet to ride outdoors.

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Course Design and
Rider Strategy

Want the opportunity to fine-tune your course design (and course execution!) skills? Consider signing up for the Course Design Camp. Enjoyed by people on four continents but focusing on the North American rules. It gives you a clearer understanding of the rules, while receiving feedback on 10 maps with different technical challenges that you design and ‘ride’. You’ll learn what does and doesn’t work for each level.

Included in Course Design Camp, but also available separately, is Rider Strategy Camp. As a member, you will ‘ride’ (and receive feedback on) 10 maps, on levels of your choice. You will become clearer on the rules and learn how the positioning of the obstacles will affect your horse’s training and confidence.

Both of these courses are offered a few times a year. Want to start now? Or just need to understand the rules better? You can sign up for the lessons portion as DIY and upgrade to one of the other courses when available.

Working Equitation Simplified

In addition to the above, there are Free Webinars, Monthly challenges, clinics and more. The latest offerings can be viewed here.

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Have an educational resource you would like to share with the USAWE community? We welcome additional offerings! Please write to us at if you have an online educational resource you would like to offer to USAWE members. Educational offerings should be applicable to the sport of Working Equitation.

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