President’s Letter

By: Doreen Atkinson

Happy spring to all my WE friends,

At least it’s getting spring in Texas and I hope it doesn’t get too hot too soon because we don’t need a longer summer. 

I’m excited to see so many posts of the year end awards on Facebook. Congratulations to all the members that received your awards. If you would, please send your photo to our marketing committee and copy awards committee so we can recognize you on social media.

I selected the ladies puffer jacket for my award. They are quite nice. Thank you awards committee for the hard work. 


 I have been serving on the political side of USAWE, because of my passion for the sport and how I want to help and see it go in the USA. Volunteers- What can I say? We have so many good volunteers who put their heart, mind, time, talent, treasures and soul into their position of volunteering . I cannot thank them enough. And the list of volunteers is long. 

As a member, if you have any questions, any suggestions, or any ideas I ask you to first and foremost contact the committee directly. Their emails can be found on the website. Your regional Director and at large Directors are there to help you as well. USAWE has a very talented board of Directors, that you can trust. We are all there to make decisions to guide this organization in the right direction.  The board is also transparent. You can come to any of our board meetings that are open to all members and hear our discussions and our decisions we make monthly. Check the calendar for dates of the meetings. 

Please thank your board of directors and our many volunteers for the work they are doing for this organization. If you are interested in volunteering, we can find the right spot for you.

The website has a new look and features that are helpful to find information. Check it out. 

My schedule is getting busy and I hope to see you and meet many new friends at the next event.


Happy riding,

Doreen Atkinson
President 2024