Regional Reports

R3 March 2022


By: Chris Stanko

Weather in Region 3 is still crazy. It’s hard to plan and carry it through. We are very flexible.

Yay for Daylight Savings!

In Colorado:

March 26th, WE – Up Your Game series -1st of 3 clinics at Circle Star Arena Platteville CO

March 27th, WE Clinic – at CH Equine, Brighton CO

April 16th, Up Your Game series 2nd clinic Circle Star Arena

Play Days

March 20th Plane View Farm

April 3rd Circle Star Arena (Free to 2022 members) or come join HCWE and have some fun $50

membership fee. Bad weather date April 10th


April 23rd, WE Schooling Show at Hobby Horse Farm – Longmont Co

In Kansas:

April 9th WE Clinic, 8915 N. Plum, Hutchinson KS – Working Equitation Kansas


April 23/24 – 2 licensed shows Kansas Kick Off, AG Hall, Salina Kansas

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303


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