Regional Reports

R6 Dec. 2021


By: Kim Hillyer

It looks like it’s going to be a busy WE year in Region 6.  Lot’s of things are being planned by our AO’s.  Everything from Coached WE Play days, schooling shows, Sanctioned shows, and Clinics.   The MD, PA, and VA AO’s are working together to coordinate their schedules so as to not overlap since they are relatively close to each other geographically.  New England Working Equitation is planning virtual Rule Book Study group via Zoom starting in Jan.  This is a perfect way to really study and understand those rules.  They are also doing virtual a WE schooling show series.  Keep an eye out on the USAWE Region 6 FB page for schedules and monthly updates from our AO’s.  All events in the region will be posted in the events page of the Region 6 page.  If you don’t see an event, let us know.  We probably just didn’t know about it.  EVEN if you aren’t an AO at this time, but you have a WE event, let us know.  WE want to get the word out!

Are there any members in the Pittsburg, PA area looking for WE activities in that area?  I’ve had some interest expressed, but they can’t find events close.  Contact me via the region 6 FB page, or at  I will help you get into contact with others in your area as I learn about you.  Also, feel free to post your interest on the R-6 FB page.  You may be able to connect that way. 

The best way to get things started in your area if there is not an AO close to you, is to become an Affiliate Organization with USAWE.  It’s super easy and you don’t even need to be an official club to become one.  That way, those looking on the USAWE website, will see what is close, and make contact.

We are also working hard to find a central location to host the Eastern Zone WE championships.  Keep an eye out for future information.  This will be an exciting show! 

Take care, and Happy Riding,

Kim Hillyer

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303


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