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Sept 2022 E-News

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President’s Letter

By: Barbara Price

Dear USAWE Members,

It’s hard to believe fall is nearly here, and only a few months remain of our 2022 show season. Time flies when you’re busy. And the Competitions and Awards committees have been extremely busy this year. At the close of the season, these committees will have handled details and results for over 100 USAWE licensed shows. That translates to a lot of work all year long. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the volunteers of both these committees for this huge effort in support of USAWE shows!

USAWE members also can look forward to our first three Zone Championship shows this fall. All of the zones (Eastern, Central, and Western) have fabulous 

show experiences in the works. If you’re planning to compete at one or more of the zone shows, be sure to check that your qualifying scores have been recorded. If you’re not already planning to compete, why not plan to volunteer and/or attend to support our first zones shows.

Coming up … International Competitions? Now that USAWE has been sanctioned by the World Association for Working Equitation (WAWE), we join with 20 other WAWE member countries and are eligible to participate in WAWE shows (provided respective show qualifications are met). In order to get USAWE international competition policies and procedures in place, the Board of Directors has approved a temporary International Competition Task Force (ICTF) to develop and make recommendations to the board for our international competition program. The ICTF is composed of the USAWE president, president-elect, and three appointed members. The membership at large was asked for nominations for the appointments, and the board approved the following applicants to join the task force: Christy Reich, Kellee Campbell, and Kiki Pantaze. It will be exciting to hear more from this group over the next year as they map out the first USAWE international competition platform. (A detailed description of the task force’s responsibilities is included with this newsletter.)

Election Update: By the time this newsletter is published, the USAWE election period will be well underway. Nominations closed September 15; the deadline for candidate statements is October 1; and statements will be posted on the website by October 15. Ballots go out to all members eligible to vote on November 1. They will be sent to the email address given when the member activated their membership. Full election details are available at www.usawe.org.

Work hard. Play hard. And enjoy every moment!

With much appreciation,
Barbara Price
President 2022

USA Working Equitation
5006 Forsythe Place
Boulder, CO 80303


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